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Racing Sun

About the game

I build this small game with OpenGL and GLUT in C++, While I was working on the Ray tracing project for my University.

I used this project to teach my self more about the workings of OpengL and GLUT as until that point we had only been taught the theory and hadn't worked with GLUT before then.

The game itself is very simple, it goes off the concept of Racing Sun which is an endless runner that the player goes down a infinite plane and must avoid obstacles along their path. Whereas unlike Racing sun which is full 3D and is actually endless, this is just a 13x13 grid which when repeats, is re-generated. The player must use the left and right keyboard controls to navigate the camera around the obstacles coming towards the camera. If the player hits anything, or tries to move into an object, the game will reset starting them from the beginning.

This game was not meant to very fun or practical, it was more to learn than anything, however It is an enjoyable little game which was fun to work.

This project can be found on my github: https://github.com/Jophes/RacingSun


I learnt alot about the way GLUT handles user inputs, creates windows, and other functionalities from this project. If I were to continue working on it, I'd remake it to not be confined to a grid based system so that the player has more control, and so that its smoother to play. Furthermore, I'd actually make the game an endless runner, making it procedurally generated, perhaps with some form of terrain generation as well.

As this was my first project with GLUT it taught me alot but could be improved alot as well, either way I see it as a successful project as it achieved its main goal of teaching me the basics.

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