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Mechanic Panic

About the game

Mechanic Panic is a co-op couch game, designed for all ages. As a team of one too four players, you and your friends must race against the clock to repair and replace parts, paint bodywork and prepare vehicles ready for their test drive so that they can be returned to the customers. Fix up and cash out as many cars as possible to earn cash for upgrades, unlocks in the aim of escaping the system and building your own company.

Currently the game is in very early developmental stages however we plan to add many features which include:

  • LAN and Online Multiplayer
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Full Campaign/Story with 14+ Levels
  • Upgrade system for the players Repair Shop
  • Compete with other players online for buisness
  • Up to 8 characters with unique perks and abilities

You can find out more about the game here: MechanicPanic.co.uk

What I did on the game is going here

I helped develop the game from the ground up, building multiple systems vital to the game's functionality. Such things include:

  • Developing a Player controller system which abstracts input devices from the player scripts, allowing easier development of features as they don't need to handle the user input methods
  • Creating a module based Player controller, allowing modular development of features to be easily added and removed dependent on game play
  • Building a grid based item system, providing overrideable methods which handle the passing of items between objects like conveyors and cars. Allowing much easier development of new buildings and features.
  • Level loading/transitioning systems which make it very easy for the creation of new levels in the game to be built and playable in the game.

Favourite Projects

Red Dead Redemption 2

Mechanic Panic

Crazy Maze