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Gmod Bail

What is this?

This is an addon for Garry's Mod called Gmod Bail, designed for use in DarkRP Gamemodes.

What this addon will add, is a placeable NPC which the player can talk to when they're arrested. It will allow the players to pay for bail when they've been arrested, to be released for a fee.

This fee is calculated from the player's total worth, which includes money stored in their bank, and the money they're holding in the wallet. If they cannot pay the bail they'll have to stay in the jail until they're automatically released.

This project can be found on my github: https://github.com/Jophes/gmod-bail


While I do continue to support any issues this addon may have, I do not plan to further develop it.

However, if I were, I'd want to add the following features to improve the player experience.

  • Instead of basing bail on the player's worth, base it off their crimes.
  • If their crime was severe enough, do not allow bail.
  • Remove the UI, and instead have the player speak to a judge who sets the bail.
  • Allow the player some way to communicate with other players on the server so that someone can lend them money to pay bail.

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