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Crazy Maze

About the game

Crazy Maze is a local 2-4 player co-op, where players must escape the death trapped maze by reaching any of the 4 corners. Only 1 player can escape per corner, and there are deadly traps along the way to each corner. The players can only dash, sprint and activate traps using the levers placed around the maze.

Reaching a lever will activate spikes throughout the entire maze, killing all other players not on the cell of the lever. This offers the option to the players to attempt to make a run for the lever instead of any of the escape routes to kill everyone, and then escape. However, this gives other players time to escape themselves.

To further develop the project, a few features would greatly improve the game:

  • Full multiplayer support
  • More maze themes, different sizes
  • Greater variations of traps
  • Map editor

The game can currently be found on itch.io, head over there to try out the game for free.

My Contributions

The game was developed by a group of 6 University students, 3 of which were Aritsts and 3 were developers. I developed the following for the game:

  • I built the maze generation algorithm, based on a recursive back tracker.
  • Combined with the maze generator, is an A* path finding algorithm which is used for the spikes which chase players around the maze, going from the center of the maze outwards.
  • I worked heavily towards the seamless design of the game, in which there are no loading screens, everything is a seamless transition between scenes.
  • The player controller abstract the player modules to the inputs so that the modules don't need to handle anything to do with which device to get inputs from.

Favourite Projects

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Crazy Maze