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Car Racing Game

About the game

The Car Racing Game, is a multiplayer semi-realistic racing game. Players can play online using Unity's multiplayer services which allows players to connect to each other over the Internet without complicated port-forwarding procedures. It also has a more traditional multiplayer mode that is mainly used for LAN, but if the server host port forwards correctly, other online players can join.

When players join, they can pick their car type. Currently, there is only hatch back and saloon, but more can easily be added. I was limited by the art assets I had available to me.

In game, car's have a realistic engine model and semi-realistic suspension physics. This means that players need to be in sensible gears for the speeds they're traveling, and slow down for the sharp corners or they will just fly off the track.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like access to the source code.

Notable Developments

Developing the vehicles in the game required lots of research into the physics behind engines and suspensions of real cars, so that their mathematics could be simplified and implemented into the game. The reason for this simplification is to reduce complexity to make the multiplayer implementation smoother.

The Engines

The engines in the game are based of a simplified physics model of an engine. They essentially store energy in a flywheel and use excess momentum from the flywheel to apply torque to the wheels of the vehicle.

The Suspension

The suspension used on the vehicles is again a simplified model of how a real suspension would work. It uses ray traces pointed at the ground, at each wheel, to determine how much force to apply to that point of the vehicle. This is done for every wheel on the vehicle.

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