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Bouncing Balls

About the game

Bouncing balls, is my first Flash project for my Game Techniques module at University. We were tasked with creating a game similar to the concept of Bubble Shooter.

Creating the game taught me the Actionscript 3 language, using Flash Develop. The games concept itself is fairly simple, however it being my first time in this environment I had to figure out how to create click able UI, load assets for the game, and the main game mechanic of shooting balls which can bounce off walls.

The game was simple enough to make, each level is custom designed in the scripts which create the grid of bubbles for the player to shoot at. The program takes in the input of mouse coordinates, and points the shooter at the mouse. Then, when the player clicks, the bubbles are fired towards the mouse, and if they reach the boundaries of the screen, they need to flip their x velocities.

In my project, I decided to try and add some very basic form of physics to the balls which are popped by the player. This can be seen in the game play video, when the player pops the balls they start falling off the screen, bouncing off each other. The physics behind this is very basic, it simply applies gravity, and inverts and dampens velocities upon collision which is simple enough for circles.

This can be played here. This game was not designed to be played in the browser, and is slightly buggy.
Feel free to
contact me if you'd like access to the source code.


During the development of the game, I had to learn how to use the IDE Flash develop as well as learn the Actionscript 3 language. This made developing this game harder than originaly thought, even though the concept of the game is fairly simple, trying to implement it in a completely unknown environment was a challenge at first, but with a little study it was an easy process.

This is the first project I started used Mechanics that I had learnt from A-Level Maths in Sixth-Form. As I had to calculate the correct angles from the shooter to the mouse, produce the correct direction vectors, as well as perform some simple vector equations upon collisions of the balls.

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