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Basic OpenGL Renderer

About the program

This is a very basic OpenGL renderer which is written in C++ with GLUT. I built this as apart of my Graphics module in University. A part of developing this was to teach ourselves about the graphics pipeline in modern systems.

This renderer has a basic Phong shader which is used to render basic primitive shapes which are generated at run time, such as the Torus.

This project can be found on my github: https://github.com/Jophes/CSY3028-AS2

Notable Developments

This project taught me the basics of using OpenGL, understanding shaders, and other basics of OpenGL. The things I learnt when I made this project I carried over to my latest project NGM which is another OpenGL renderer which I aim to develop into a much more feature rich renderer.

For this project, I wanted to do more than the module required of me, as it only required we rendered a torus which can be turned/scaled using the mouse. However, I wanted to import meshes and materials that would normally be created in programs such as Blender. So as such, I built a class which can read .obj and .mtl files and import them into the format which can be used by the renderer. The fundamentals of which I've carried over to NGM.

Favourite Projects

Red Dead Redemption 2

Mechanic Panic

Crazy Maze