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Alien Invasion

About the game

Alien Invasion was my second project in my Game Techniques module at University. We were tasked with creating a game following the concept of '1942'.

The game I created was a futuristic version of said '1942', set in the future, in space. The player can play through levels, each more difficult than the last, fighting off enemy ships.

Each level is unique, with ships that attack in specially designed attack patterns that the player can learn to better their final score. At the end of each level is a boss enemy which is far more powerful than any of the other ships. They have alot more health, and their attacks do alot more damage. However, they're normally slow and aren't that accurate. While it may catch out new players, after the second attempt its easy to pick up their patterns and defeat them.

Each ship has a random chance of dropping pickups. Each pickup is unique. There are health pickups (pills), Shields which block any shot once (Shield) and Energy boosts which temporarily increase speed (Lightning bolts). These give the player the chance to strengthen up if they are having a tough time.

There is also a random level which is playable from the level selector. This random level, will randomly spawn enemy ships as the player progresses. Slowly, it will increase the number of ships it spawns in each wave, and how quickly waves will attack.

This can be played here. This game was not designed to be played in the browser, and is slightly buggy.
Feel free to
contact me if you'd like access to the source code.


This was only my second game developed in flash, using FlashDevelop along with Actionscript 3. This project taught me alot about the language and using Flash itself.

The project isn't that complicated, but It still taught me numerous techniques in developing small games like this. For instance, during each of the levels, the background are stars constantly moving down to give the effect the player is moving forwards. For this, I produced a simple particle system that handled each of the small animated sprites in an efficient manner to keep frame rate high.

This was also the first project I had developed which had the breadth of this game, with numerous pickups, ship types, player ships, enemy bosses, and levels, keeping the project organized and manageable was a challenge for me at the time. However, since then this project seems quite small.

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