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About me

What is this website?

This is Joseph Higgins' Portfolio,

Here you can discover a little about me, learn about some of the projects I've worked in professionally, at university, and things I've done in my spare time.

You can also find my CV here
As well as contact me via any of the methods that can be found here

I like to hang out on Github alot, fixing issues and fullfilling feature requests! Head over there if you'd like to submit any issues for me to look at!

If you find any problems with this site, want my help with any work, or just want to talk, feel free to contact me!


Who am I?

I'm a 21-Year-old Game developer currently working as a Games Tester for Rockstar Lincoln. Having just come out of the University of Northampton with a 1:1 in Computer Games Development. I am excited to explore the games industry, tackling the challenges ahead, and learning as much as I can as I go.

In my spare time, I am working on a couple projects, but the one I am currently most focused on is “Not Garry’s Mod”, NGM for short. This is a prototype targeted at the areas that I want to learn the most about, and as such I am building it from the ground up using C++ with OpenGL and SFML. It’s going to be a multiplayer sandbox, where players can work on Models/Materials/Scripts in real time with other players, in a virtual environment. This is to allow fast development of game concepts so that they can be quickly tested to see if they have potential, and to make sure they’re feasible.

Favourite Projects

Red Dead Redemption 2

Mechanic Panic

Crazy Maze